Welcome to the Coachmans Inn. Due to COVID-19 we will remain closed for the rest of 2020

Restaurant2.jpgCoachmans Inn was established in 1980 as a French cuisine restaurant amongst nothing more than a school surrounded by veld. As the city has grown around it into the hustle and bustle of Bryanston we know today. This restaurant has kept true to its Tudor style and French influenced cuisine. The restaurant has always remained mark of personal pride for the owner who has nurtured it over the years. Somewhat of a rarity today as few longstanding restaurants that can boast the same owner/manager from conception to date. It is this personal touch that has seen this restaurant through the decades and even now it is not unusual to find the whole family helping on a busy night.

“A traditional Tudor-style fine dining restaurant that has survived the trends and fads of the past 26 years. Expect a sophisticated menu, with traditional rich French influence, and great daily specials. There is something to please everyone on this exotic menu, which caters for the meat-loving South African market. Private nooks and crannies make this a superb choice for a romantic dinner or business lunch.”


- Eat out, 2007




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Inn Demand - Bruce Dennill

The Coachman’s Inn, on Peter Place near the Sandton Clinic, is one of those landmark buildings most Joburg locals will have passed at least a couple of times during their time in the city.