Coachman’s Inn was established in 1980 as a fine dining, French cuisine restaurant with only St. Stithians College to keep it company in what was then just a wide expanse of empty veld. As rare as a restaurant of this age is today, rarer still is that the family who constructed the building decades ago is the same family that owns and manages the restaurant today. It has always been a source of personal pride to the owner, which has only served to support the quality and standards expected by our increasingly sophisticated South African taste.


This old world Tudor building is home to the kind of cuisine that can only come from years experience, honing the classic French style to suit the South African pallet with enough creative flare to keep our patrons entertained with the wonderful possibilities of flavours and textures that combine to make a truly enjoyable meal. It is this experience that separates us from the fads and fly-by-nights synonymous with the restaurant industry today.


It is not just the menu that has grown throughout the years, although the owner has embraced the food industry, he has not entirely forgotten his building roots. Numerous additions have seen the kitchen kept up to date while the restaurant itself has grown to 7 different rooms in colours from burgundy to royal blue and emerald green while the addition of 2 terraces allow you to enjoy the air on a fair day. The individual rooms accommodate anywhere from 4 to 50 guests making it perfect for special occasions or simply to satisfy a craving for good food in an elegant atmosphere.

Inn Demand - Bruce Dennill

The Coachman’s Inn, on Peter Place near the Sandton Clinic, is one of those landmark buildings most Joburg locals will have passed at least a couple of times du...