Time has forced us to keep a large menu of more than fifty dishes of favourites, none of which can be changed without upsetting members of our patronage, these dishes tend to be either classic dishes improved over the years into a balanced satisfying dish or interesting experiments that tickle the South African taste and became popular enough to earn its spot on our menu. This has forced the restaurant somewhat enthusiastically to entertain our culinary curiosity through a list of specials that in all respects could be a full menu itself. Naturally, the traditionally French menu has leaned towards satisfying the South African pallet with a wide selection of red meat including impala, ostrich and kudu as well as a wider selection of fish and seafood.

Our signature dishes have become braised duckling off the bone, with a creamy green peppercorn sauce, flamed in gin and garnished with lychees. Along with a mango and prawn hors d’ oeuvre done with a light curry mayonnaise which is unfortunately only available in season.

At the Coachmans' Inn, we are constantly updating our menu, however please feel free to browse our current menu here, or ask a waiter for the daily specials and recommendations.

Hors D’ Oeuvres

Crème De Moules Normande                                       80.00

 A hot mussel soup with fresh dill, garlic and mushrooms.


Croquettes De Fruits De Mer                                      85.00

A delicate blend of seafood in a Pernod sauce, crumbed and deep fried.


Moules Mariniere                                                              85.00

Poached mussels, in a classic white wine sauce , served with creamy

 garlic and herbs.


Escargots Au Beurre D’Ail                                             85.00

French Snails in a fresh herb and garlic butter sauce.


Croquette De Fromage Avec Sauce Airelles            75.00

Cheese croquettes blended from Emmenthaler. Gruyere, Parmesan and

Stilton, crumbed and shallow fried, served on a Cranberry sauce.


Foie De Canard Avec Epinards                                   80.00

Grilled duck liver served with a baby spinach and ratatouille compote

and topped with lemon spiced garlic sauce.


Champignons Aux Phyllo                                           85.00

A combination of cepes, brown mushrooms and oyster mushrooms

prepared in a white wine and garlic cream sauce, served in a phyllo pastry



Sanglier Mozzarella Et Tomate                                   105.00

Shavings of smoked warthog,  Mozzarella cheese and tomato, layered and

served with a light olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing and grated

Parmesan cheese.



Caesar Salad                                                                 75.00

A delicate blend of anchovies, olives and eggs on Romaine lettuce,

garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese.


Greek Salad                                                                75.00

Served with black olives, creamy goats milk feta, celery and leaves.


Le Chef Recommande

Autruche Flambee Au Cognac Avec Baies Sauvages 195.00

Oudtshoorn ostrich medallions pan fried in burnt butter and brandy

served with wild berry compote.


Gibier A La Sauce Figues                                            195.00

Kudu fillet prepared in butter with a herb crust and served with a fig sauce.


Canard Oriental                                                                   195.00

Crisp braised duckling off the bone, with a creamy green peppercorn sauce,

flamed in gin and garnished with fried lychees.


Tajin de Poulet                                                                    150.00

Chicken breasts prepared in Morroccan spices, and served with raisins,

chickpeas and pasta rice.


Rable De Lapin Au Vin Rouge                                     210.00

Rabbit marinated in marsala wine and fresh herbs, braised with mushrooms

and bone marrow, garnished with pears and raspberry jelly.


Risotto aux Champignons                     140.00 

Mushroom risotto stacked with ribbon vegetables and finished with a

chive infused oil.



Le Saumon avec du Miel et du Gingembre Dorer 195.00

Scottish Salmon in a honey and ginger glaze served on crushed

herbed potato with fennel.


Sole avec Herb croute                           210.00

East  coast sole, grilled and basted with olive oil, garlic and lemon

zest, topped with a herb crust , served on a bed of crushed baby potato.


Kingklip Martinique                                                     180.00

Grilled kingklip napped with a creamy lemon butter sauce,

garnished with glazed bananas, peaches and toasted almonds.


Homard Thermidor                            395.00

Succulent Rock Lobster prepared in a chardonnay butter, with garlic

and grain mustard, wild parsley and gratinated with Parmesan cheese.


Cari De Crabes A La Creole                      380.00

King crab cooked in a mild aromatic curry cream sauce, sprinkled with

 cashew nuts and peaches.


Fruits de Mer cocotte avec sauce Bouillabaisse  240.00

Lobster tail, Langoustines, Prawns and Mussels in a tomato herb

Bouillabaisse, served with seasoned rice.



Entrecote Dorchester                        180.00

Sirloin steak with cracked black and white peppercorns, pan seared, flamed

in brandy and napped with a Madagascar sauce.


Filet a la Mangue                            185.00

Grilled centre cut fillet, filled with Mango chutney, napped with a mild

curry sauce.


Entrecote Bearnaise                       185.00

Selected sirloin, swiss trimmed prepared to your liking, napped with

 a Bearnaise sauce and fresh tarragon.


Entrecote de Fromage Camembert               185.00

Dukkah rubbed sirloin, topped with a Camembert cheese.


Poitrine de Porc                                                                 175.00

Pork belly roasted to perfection, served on a bed of potato dauphinoise

and served with a plum reduction sauce.


Jarret D’Agneau Morrocain                                      210.00

Lamb Shanks, slow roasted in a sealed clay pot with onion, bayleaves,                   

coriander, paprika and mace, served with a red wine sauce.



Gauteau Froid Au Chocolat                                     80.00

A decadent chocolate fudge fridge cake prepared with Belgian chocolate

and shortbread biscuits bits, served with peppermint ice cream.


Eton Mess                                                                   75.00 

Fresh berries with a vanilla creamed yoghurt and crushed meringue.


Mousse Aux Chocolat                                                 80.00

A light creamy mousse with hazelnuts and Chantilly cream.


Banane En Papillote                                                      80.00

Baked bananas served in a phyllo pastry basket with a rich rum and

chocolate sauce.


Crème Brulee                                                                65.00

Baked Vanilla Custard glazed with burnt sugar.


Plateau De Fromages Assortis                     75.00

Accompanied with a glass of KWV vintage port.

Brie and Camembert served warm with a port syrup and stewed fruit.                      


Gorgonzola served with preserves.                                                                      


A trio of goats milk cheese served with a medley of nuts